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October 22 : The festive season will kick start all over India from this week. On October 27, 2019, both North India and South India will celebrate Diwali or Deepawali and also Laxmi Puja. This time, there will be a difference and that is all about celebrating Diwali in a 'Go Green Style'.

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Excessive emissions from Diwali crackers can cause pollution

During this time, the main highlight happens to be some good food, a lot of exchange of Happy Diwali wishes and of course- the bursting of crackers. Crackers are something that a lot of importance in Indian traditions, and it is something that one cannot do away with. So, for years, due to the bursting of crackers, the air pollution during the festive season seemed to be spiked to uncontrollable levels.

Hence, the Central Pollution Control Board has requested people not to burn crackers, as it is harmful to the environment and life as such. Instead, they have launched a scheme for using only Green Crackers.

With the launch, they also took the initiative to educate people as to why such a decision had been taken. Most Hindus and even the cracker traders are disappointed about this decision. Traders fear that this will become a Black Diwali this time if sales are not done. For this, the Board sent out a Twitter post exposing the myths and the reality behind Green crackers.

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Diwali crackers can cause pollution

This photo shows the smoke that emerges from the excessive burning of crackers.

The Real Truth behind ‘Green Crackers’ for Diwali

As the name suggests, green crackers are less harmful than the present ones, as they are more green. This, in short, implies that they are environment-friendly. The crackers will not be made with deadly chemicals like arsenic, lithium, lead and barium. These crackers are also termed as Safe Minimal Aluminium (SAFAL), Safe Water Releaser(SWAS), AND Safe Thermite Cracker (STAR). Such fireworks are said to not emit a lot of dust particles and also releases water vapour to reduce the negative effects of crackers. They will be available this Diwali 2019.

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These products can be identified as they will a QR code and a green logo. This way, it can be easily identified by buyers. Also, with the help of the code, the usage of the green crackers can be tracked online.

The Union Minister Dr. Harsha Vardhan sent out a tweet wishing a great festive season and also urged people to use green crackers. It will reduce the toxic emission in the cities to a very large extent.

On the whole. The government wishes that people cooperate and take part in the Diwali festive season in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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