Geneva: Policemen stand on duty at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland, Dec. 10, 2015. Police force in Geneva said that they raised local security alert level on Thursday and started searching for the suspects related to the Paris attack. Image Source: IANS News

Baghdad, Oct 23 : A general commander of an Iraqi police division was killed alongside five of his men, including a brigadier general, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State terror organization in the Middle Eastern country's Saladin province.

A group of assailants carrying automatic arms attacked a joint patrol of police and Popular Mobilization Forces on Tuesday, a pro-government militia mainly compressed of Shiite Iraqis, by the banks of Tigris River, a spokesperson for Saladin's Operations Command Mohamed Kamel told Efe.

The attack killed Commander of the IV Police Division, General Ali al-Lemi; the operations director of that division, brigadier general Mohamed Alawi and five other members who accompanied them.

Four people, including an officer, that were injured have been moved to a nearby hospital, according to the source.

The patrol was carrying out a reconnaissance mission in preparation for launching a security operation in the area, where IS members are present, according to Kamel.

Minister of Interior Yaseen al-Yasiri confirmed to the state-run al-Iraquia TV the death of al-Lemi, "while he was facing an IS attack".

The attack took place amid the arrival of forces of the United States, which leads an anti-terror international coalition, in Iraq coming from northern Syria.

The American forces withdrew from northern Syria after Turkey launched an offensive on 9 October.

Joint Operations Command, however, warned that the US forces cannot stay in Iraq.

Although Baghdad declared the end of IS in Iraq in December 2017 after a bloody, long offensive, the terror group is still present in the country.

It daily claims attacks on security forces or civilians across the country.

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