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November 07 : Watching TV as a family is real fun, which can trigger some good conversations as well. There are too many good TV series on Netflix that would surely confuse you. Adding to your confusion, many more will be added in November. To help you figure out what you can binge on with your family, here’s a bunch of promising series on Netflix.

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Merry Happy Whatever- Netflix series

Merry Happy Whatever, which will start streaming on Netflix from November 28, is a sitcom starring Dennis Quaid, who, in the midst of the Christmas holiday learns his daughter is bringing home a new boyfriend. The struggling musician tries to win over his girlfriend’s dad and her quirky tight-knit siblings.

Hello Ninja is a unique animated offering for younger kids. The series is based on a book of the same name written by N.D. Wilson. It is about Wesley and Georgie and their pet cat Pretzel, who enter a magical world, where they use their special skills to solve problems that come their way.

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Chesapeake Shores Netflix series

Chesapeake Shores, a popular drama suitable for the 13+ age group, is based on the novel of the same name by Sherryl Woods. The series has returned with the fourth season. Abby O'Brien Winters is called by her sister to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores, where she not only saves her sister's inn but also deals with her fractured family and meets her first love whom she left 16 years ago.

The A List is a British thriller series that centres around Mia, who comes to a summer camp in a remote island and finds that the island holds dark secrets. The summer camp eventually turns into a nightmare. The supernatural teen drama is written by Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier.

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The Crown- Netflix series

The Crown will be back with Season 3 from November 17. This award-winning historical drama is suitable for the 18+ age group. Introducing new cast to play the Royal Family, performances is one of the main reasons to watch the series.

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Breaking Bad- Netflix series

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular TV series on Netflix. The story revolves around a chemistry teacher Walter White, who has been diagnosed with stage III cancer and only two years are left in his life. In a desperate desire to secure his family's financial future, he enters the dangerous world of drugs and crime. The show has five seasons and can be watched by the 18+ age group.

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