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New Delhi, Nov 15 : The personal car of a police inspector that was stolen recently has now been recovered, but the department is speechless on seeing that two files related to murder cases which were kept in the car have gone missing.

A highly-placed source in the police department told IANS that inspector Brijpal Singh lives in a private flat under the K.N. Katju Marg police station and is deputed in the Outer-North district.

On Monday, his car was stolen from outside his residence. Incidentally, two files related to two separated murder cases were kept in the car which went missing with the vehicle, sources said.

The police, however, were expecting that once they recover the car, the files will also be retrieved.

According to the sources, the police succeeded in tracing the car to the Punjabi Bagh area on Friday, but could not find the two files related to the murder cases.

The rear glass of the car was also found broken, the sources said.

Rohini district DCP Shankhdhar Mishra has confirmed the recovery of the vehicle.

The sources said that of the two files, one was related to a case in Shahbad Dairy area, while the other pertained to Swarup Nagar area.

The police have not issued any authorised information about the incident so far.

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