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Aries: Your financial matters are getting highlighted these days and this will continue through this week as well. Mars will mark its entry into the complex house of finances and emotional issues and Mercury will turn direct. This move is not that great, so you have to control your expenses. Otherwise, there will be severe financial issues and you may not be to manage. There will be some issues connected to your savings, tax or insurances. See More

Taurus: The questions regarding your finances and partnerships will be highlighted during this week as the Sun will mark its royal entry to the mysterious eighth house. This portion of your chart is complex as it deals with finances, emotions, and partnerships. The Sun will not be very comfortable here, so you need to be very careful with all these. You should not get into any quick money-making deals without a second thought. The Sun is shining energy and its duty is to make those things visible, which are hidden. You will see what you lack in relationships and that can cause some arguments. See More

Gemini: Two fiery planets, the Sun and Mars are changing signs during this week and that will trigger a lot of changes in your life. You are going to display a lot of competitiveness at work. Due to the Martian influence, you can be very much aggressive, so, arguments can also come up. At the workplace, you should be a little more flexible, otherwise, it can even affect your work as well. This can be a complex phase for your colleagues too, and they can be more demanding. New projects can come up, but they can be challenging and you need to update your skills to bring perfection. See More

Cancer: This is a week to work with your creative skills and that will bring you a lot of activities during this week. During the last days, you had some issues regarding your creative ventures and during this week, you will be making some plans to expand your creativity. These projects can bring you profits also shortly. New hobbies and expansion of existing hobbies can also come up because Mars and Mercury are activating the sector for creativity. This is not a great time to take the risk with your ventures of your own but take an expert opinion. See More

Leo: There were some concerns regarding your family matters in the past few days. From this week onwards there will be more focus on family matters as the fiery planet Mars will be influencing your family matters. You will be having plans to relocate or traveling. Mars is not an ideal planet to represent family matters, so you need to be very careful. There will be some arguments regarding your attitude. The relationship with female figures in the family can be very volatile as well. During this week, you will also try to work from home or spend more time in the home. Repairing, modification, and decoration are also possible. See More

Virgo: Two fiery planets will change their signs during this week and your life also will move into a new direction. This will majorly reflect in the communication sector. During this week, your communication will be blunt and you may speak offensively. There will be multiple projects and that it can bring you stress, so have a good plan for your daily activities. Traveling, learning, studying and training can be a bigger part of this week. Siblings and relatives will be very demanding and you will have to spend time with them. You will be working with small groups and sharing your ideas too. See More

Libra: There will be some unexpected expenses coming up from this week onwards and you need to be prepared. Mars and Mercury are forming a not so great combination in the money house and that is making your financial status a little volatile. You need to be prepared as in the coming days, you will need more money. This is a good time to search for some new projects as you need them to stabilize your income. During this week, you will try to upgrade your skills, so that you can get more and more opportunities. Career-related changes can also come up and that should be reviewed. See More

Scorpio: Mars, your ruler will be marking an entry to your first house and you will be working for your personal growth. You had some challenges in the last week, but from this week onwards, you will be progressing. New people can come up and they will give you some ideas. Your physical health also will be very important and you will spend time on grooming and styling. This will be a challenging time as you can have emotional outbursts too. You have to manage your communications, otherwise, arguments can come up. There will be multiple responsibilities as well. See More

Sagittarius: Your emotions and feelings will be very important during this week as Mars are going to be in the most hidden portion of your chart. You will have to control your feelings as you can any time have mood swings. Please don’t get into any complex situations as the emotions can be very high and intense. You should spend some time in solitude and prayer as that will cool you down. You will be making some plans and try to execute them. Plans for foreign trips can also be a part of this week. However, you can expect some challenges in that. See More

Capricorn: The Martian influence on your long term goals will be highlighted during this week. You were trying to join new teams for the past few weeks and from this week onwards such attempts will fructify. You will get some calls to join a new team. Most probably those groups will be bigger and they will have the nature of NGOs. Some of the offers can come up from international organizations too. You will be getting some projects with the technical and scientific communication-related sectors as well. This is a good time to improve your relationships with teams. This is a good week, but there will be some arguments as well. See More

Aquarius: Martian transit to the tenth house of your career will help you to be very much hard-working, but there are chances for arguments with your managers as well. There will be a lot of short projects waiting for you. Mars will make you act in a hurry and that should not bring any complexities at work. This is a time to spend a lot of energy at work. The quality of your work will be very important. You may try to get a new role or a new job, so please think twice before you take any crucial decision regarding your work. This is not a great time to take a risk with your job. See More

Pisces: Mars and Mercury are triggering the house for higher visions, and expansion. This is a very important time for long or foreign travels. You will not hesitate to take a risk this week. This is a week where you think about your faith and belief systems. Avoid arguments that can offend people. This is also the sector for higher studies. Students should put more effort into studies. Plans for long-distance travel or foreign trips can come up. Foreign collaborations are also seen during this week. Career-related training sessions are also seen. This is a good time to interact with people from far places. See More

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