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November 21 : Known to be one among the sexiest women in the world, the birthday girl Neha Sharma is one of the cutest ladies in the tinsel town today. Apart from her captivating looks, there are a handful of other facts that make this lady so much more special. We all know the reel lover girl called Neha Sharam, but how many of us what she loves the most when she is behind the scenes? She, of course, is an ordinary, sassy damsel like many of us, and here we reveal a collection of facts and photos about the ravishing Neha Sharma.

The Foodie Lover

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Had to try the maple buffalo 🍤

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Bollywood actresses are mostly kept on strict diets, planned lifestyles and so much more. However, this experimental girl loves to dive into all cuisines whenever she can afford to.

Her taste buds are always on the quest for some good black coffee, wholesome breakfast, a healthy medley of veggies, fruits, seafood (like salmon and mussels) and those detox drinks. Oh plus, she indulges in chocolates and biscottis like there is no tomorrow.

Sun Kissed

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Hellooo sunshine ☀️ 💫 📸 @sashajairam

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She is not one who loves to tie down to the four walls of her home or work. Perfect natural photos are her highlight and that is so very different from the normal glam celebs of Bollywood.

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Be you...the world will adjust 💫✨ 📸 @sashajairam

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She sticks to minimal makeup and probably that could be her secret to a flawless complexion.

Solo Travels

Solo Travels are her passion and she expresses her gratitude to all who would have helped her have a blissful time of each journey.

Catch this one from Disney where we can see the child in her get awakened. Apart from the Desi or girl next door on screen, she is one girl who finds happiness in the unknown.

Goof Ups

Her Insta pages show that she never makes her shooting sites a piece of a bore. She loves to goof up with her team, and co-actors. That’s her – having a gala time with Dulquer Salmaan during their Roshomon shoot.

The next one is hilarious to the core. She seems to be one who loves making new friends and her Insta captions are a reflection of the mad little girl in her.


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Burn the weekend calories #sundaymotivation

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If she eats, then she does sweat it out, to burn those troublesome calories.

Her fitness mentor is appreciable and we love the way the Chirutha actress takes her fitness as an energy-packed challenge.


Perhaps the beauty of a person will last when they love themselves whatever turmoils are thrown at them. Surely, her carefree laughs will make anyone’s day much lighter.

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☕️Saturday mornings be like 😴

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Sleep, relax and go easy on yourself as basic mantras this cute actress teaches us. She may not be always in the limelight, but she knows how to make her fans stay.

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Bold Shoots

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🖤🖤🖤 #throwbacksunday

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If you have a stunning figure, why not flaunt it, huh? Well, that absolutely applies to the birthday girl today. The Tanhaji actress is known for her sultry poses.

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She really kicks on the adrenaline in the viewer’s imaginations with her deep gaze.


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To be able to choose what suits you is an art all of us can master. She luckily is one girl who can don peppy and classy outfits within the same attractive bandwidth.

Catch your breath as you get a fine chance to ogle at her youthfulness. Her dress did the talking, and this was a stunner.

The hot gets hotter when Neha Sharma decides to go into bikini mode.

Wow, her casuals are quirky and will surely make heads turn.

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