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November 27 : With the winter drawing in, it’s time to make a change in your wardrobe and also in your winter skin care regime. Pack off your summer clothing and pull out your knitwear and boots. The change in weather also calls for a change in your skin care as the cold and humid weather affects the skin, making it dry, scaly and itchy, and the moisture starts dwindling from the skin. Over the years, we have known that there are various ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. So, are you ready to score a noticeable difference in your complexion?

Image Source: IANS

Skin care tips for winter

  1. Maintain healthy skin by moisturizing daily, and apply the moisturizer immediately after bath to prevent further loss of moisture. A cream-based and fragrance-less moisturizer is good for the winter.
  2. It’s always good to keep the skin clean but too much of washing with water will cause the skin to take a beating. If you really need to do so, then apply cream after each washing. Do wear gloves when working with water like washing clothes or dishes.
  3. Avoid using soap daily. Also, lukewarm bath is better than hot water bath as it makes the skin more itchy and irritating.
  4. The dry chilly wind can play havoc to your skin if proper care is not taken. It saps out the moisture and sheen, making the skin dehydrated. So pamper your skin with nourishing creams to revive its lost glory.
  5. Dr. Robyn Gmyrek also suggests using a room humidifier as dry air drains the skin of its moisture.
  6. A must-do for winter skincare is to keep your skin safe from the sun. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or higher daily to all exposed skin.
  7. Do not let your body tan as there is no safe level of tanning. Tanning always comes with the risk of burning, which eventually leads to cancer. Your body only begins to tan when the dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays pierce the skin and starts damaging the DNA.
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