Health Research: Caffeine lingers in Human blood more than we can ever imagine. Image Source: IANS

November 28 : The scientists at Oregon State University had recently submitted very interesting research on coffee. To be specific, their research was connected to the simple topic: The time span of how long caffeine or any drug for that matter will stay in the human blood.

The Gist of the Research

The study was based on the blood that was pooled from miscellaneous donors in blood banks. From this, the team went in for detailed research on how ‘Pure’ the blood is, in any blood bank. They found that even if a blood sample has almost reached its expiry date, it will contain traces of caffeine and even anti-anxiety drugs. So, in short, the blood that we get from a blood bank is not essentially pure.


The researchers also felt that if a bit of caffeine was present in the blood, it would not create any problem for the new receiver. But that is not the case with the presence of other drugs.

Some samples in the test revealed the presence of various drugs of alprazolam, which is an anti-anxiety drug and tolbutamide- which is a medicine for Type 2 diabetes. These are usually used as medicines to cure various health issues like anxiety and diabetes respectively. Along with this, they found the presence of cough suppressants in the blood.

Study Results

This only goes to reveal that the availability of clean blood is almost next to impossible from a blood bank. So, next time, a blood transfusion case would also increase the possibility of transferring caffeine, anti-anxiety drugs and cough suppressants in the blood of the patient. Still, if only caffeine is found in the sample, it is not a big worry; but if drugs are present, it would be difficult to make a blood sample void of such samples.

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