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November 29 : With splendid Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers knocking at our doors between November 29- December 2, 2019, on Amazon India; we all do have an inner thirst to own some of the tech gadgets that we love. But sometimes, these things don’t fit our budget, right? So, to make life a bit easier and sweeter, we have few hand-picked tech buys that would surely not burn a hole in your pocket. The products that we have chosen are all offered at a discount of about 50 %. So, tap a smile on your face, read on to find the Tech deals that suit you the most.

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner with Robotic Smart APP Control – 50% Off, Priced at Rs. 14,900/-

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Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner

This would make your lives so much better, for sure. This Amazon product claims to pick up the tiniest of dirt like pet hairs and even the stubbornest of dirt. It boas of features like anti-drop, anti-collision and various modes of cleaning within the system. With the app, you can control the cleaning modes or even gear up the suction power at any time. It’s wireless, and this robot could be the best home cleaning buddy.Click here

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers -50% off, Priced at Rs.1999/-

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Bluetooth Speakers

The new Tribit XSound Go would be a great choice for music lovers on the go. The gadget has an outstanding state of the art bass radiators and dual 6W power drivers with no form of distortion at all. The cool factor about this one is that it is sleek- which means that you can even keep it in your purse and forget this cute Sound player. Its battery is amazing and you can play it for 24 hours continuously and oh yes, it is wireless!Click here

DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Waterproof IPX6 - 68% Off, Priced at Rs.6509/-

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Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers has been able to create impressive sound waves and volume switches. The speaker will be able to move through pressurized jets and waves of water. Perfect for climbing, hiking, traveling, beach and more outdoor activities. It’s a five-mode light system: low brightness, medium brightness, high brightness, strobe (intermittent flashing), SOS, is great for emergency or party.Click here

MUZILI 115P Smart Fitness Band Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Fitness Tracker - 42% off, Priced at Rs.2159/-

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MUZILI 115P Smart Fitness Band

We have something for the fitness lovers too!! The MUZILI 115P Smart Fitness Band Activity Tracker will have your health recorded on an up to date basis. It tracks out your everyday activities, sleep patterns, heartbeat rates, calories burnt, workout reports, and even your health during your inactive times in a day. Also, you just need to connect the fitness band to the "VeryFitPro" app on your phone via Bluetooth, then the tracker will vibrate and display relevant information when calls and messages come in.Click here

Wazdorf M4 Band with Activity Tracker | Waterproof Technology | Pedometer | Heart Beat Sensor | Blood Pressure Monitor- 85 % off, Priced at Rs.499/-

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Wazdorf M4 Band

Another stunning fitness band that caught up in our hand-picked tech buys is the Wazdorf M4 Band. Of course, it does have the usual features like tracking the heartbeat, calorie count, inactive mode count, blood pressure and so on. Apart from that, this smart gadget would actually remind a person to relax- if they have been working too long, then reminding to drink water after a certain period of time, a passive reminder on replying to calls or messages and so on. In short, this could be tech mama on the go.Click here

If any of these gadgets appealed to your interest levels, they would be great buys in this limited time span only. After that, they would become an expensive affair. So, have a healthy blast in your home this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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