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December 07 : The hilarious marital flick named Pati Patni Aur Woh is surely a story of lust and infidelity, but that has caught the hearts of many like wildfire. The movie was released yesterday on Dec 6, 2019, and the box office collections show that the film did outstandingly well, and film experts predict that the numbers will move into a rapid hike in the coming days over the weekend.

With the competition building up between Kartik’s Pati Patni Aur Woh and the epic war story ‘Panipat’, the box office collections reveal that the Day 1 collection at the box office of Pati Patni Aur Woh hit a whopping ₹ 9.10 cr. This is so far the biggest and best openers for the charming actor Kartik Aaryan.

Public reviews have sent out their opinions saying that the film was well penned, well-executed, and well enacted!! Kartik fans had also mentioned that each of the lead actors has done total justice to their roles in their own style.

On the whole, the film was made within a 30 crore budget and if the first day could grab in 9 crores, the magic will still burn on during the weekend. If so, we have confidently say that this could strike the golden egg for the film producers and also open the door to fame and stardom for Kartik Aaryan, his dear Patni Bhumi Pednekar and also his cute Woh girl Ananya Panday.

The reviews shower praise on the threesome for their cute performances, cheesy gestures and sexy thoughts in such a comical manner. As far as experts are concerned, the actors have carried the concept of marriage, sex, lust, infidelity in such a light-hearted manner. That has made the not so acceptable concept of cheat in marriage a bit more presentable.

The film has beautifully focussed on the fact that it is okay to not be the ‘good wife’ as per Indian cultures, and a woman is also one who has dreams – just like the Indian men.

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