Ranveer Singh with Sara Ali Khan. Image Source: cine photos

December 10 : Well, as the saying goes- laughter is the best medicine; we have packed up a goofy laughter kitty bag for you to enjoy as you move through your busy Tuesday. These are hilariously sweet goof-up moments that the Bollywood celebs enjoyed at the recently conducted Star Screen Award 2019 nights. It must have been the red carpet show, but we loved the stars showing their real inner self. We all could probably relive the kid in us- with these laugh-worthy pictures.

Image Source: cine photos

Ranveer Singh enjoying the moment

Woah, we loved being picked up during our childhood, and this sure a sight that would split us into giggles! The boys did seem to have a blast on the stage in spite of their designer wear and with the cameras feasting on their moments.

Image Source: cine photos

Ranveer sways and Sara joins the fun

This crazy duo could send you into a whirlwind of laughter with their goofy dance steps and kiddish expressions. Ranveer looked comical in his forward bound steps while the open-mouthed Sara Ali Khan was never something anyone would expect on the red carpet. Still, these guys rocked the stage and everyone loved it.

Image Source: cine photos

Sara Ali Khan joins Ranveer for a snap

The big wave of comedy seemed to have settled down and they seem to pose like a good boy and girl. Still, the flair of naughtiness is totally lit up in their eyes.

Image Source: cine photos

Ranveer and Sara Ali Khan hand in hand

Is this the quiet way of saying Hi’s for the energy-packed duo that we had seen in a reel? They looked so at ease, in spite of the paparazzi creating all the commotion at the venue. And check out the lovely humongous bow tie that trailed down Sara Ali Khan’s back- that was cute indeed!

Image Source: cine photos

Shahid kapoor with Ranveer singh

The next set of sexy boys on the stage- Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. While Shahid was easy on his smiles and poses, our Gully Boy was all in the mood for some drama.

Image Source: cine photos

Sara with Shahid and Ranveer on stage at star screen awards 2019

The way Ranveer interacts and brings in comedy even in the silliest of talks is what draws all the attention to him. This humble man loves being the center of attention and never ignores anyone in spite of his stellar performances and notable awards that he has received.

Image Source: cine photos

Sara Ali Khan talks on stage on the red carpet award function

Now, what was that? Why the naughty boys watch over the million expressions that flow over Sara’s face, we cannot help wonder that element of fun and naughtiness that reflect on their faces (boys). The trio made such a lovely team on the stage had left everyone thoroughly entertained.

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