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Today is Margashirsha Purnima, Purnima.

It is considered auspicious to read panchang daily. Panchang gives you an overview of muhurat and other auspicious timings for you to consider while venturing into new business or even carrying on with your daily activities.

Date: Today is December 12, 2019, Thursday. As per the Indian national calendar, today is Agrahayana 16, of Sakasamvat 1941 (Vikari). According to Hindu lunar calendar the date is Agrahayana 30, 2076 (Purnimanta) and Agrahayana 16, 2076 (Amanta).

Tithi: Hindu panchang tithi today is Sukla Paksha Purnima upto 10:42 AM, followed by Krishna Paksha Pratipada.

Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha (entire day).

Karana: Bava upto 10:42 AM, followed by Balava upto 10:22 PM, followed by Kaulava.

Yoga: Sadhya upto 01:51 PM, followed by Subha.

Inauspicious Timings : Today Rahu Kaal is between 01:39 PM to 02:59 PM, Yamaganda from 07:02 AM to 08:21 AM, Gulika from 09:41 AM to 11:00 AM and Durmuhurtam timing today is between 10:34 AM to 11:16 AM and 02:48 PM to 03:31 PM.

Auspicious Timings: Today Brahma muhurat is between 05:26 AM - 06:14 AM, Abhijit muhurat timing is from 11:59 AM - 12:41 PM and Amrit Kaal 09:31 PM - 11:07 PM.

Auspicious Choghadiya Timings : Labh 12:20 PM - 01:39 PM, Amrut 01:39 PM - 02:59 PM, Amrut 05:38 PM - 07:18 PM.

Additional Information: The above panchang is generated for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. To change the date and place, go to panchang

Dakshinayan, Hemant (Prewinter) rithu, Sunrise 07:02 AM, Sunset 05:38 PM. Moon is in Vrishabha rasi (upto 06:23 PM, then moves to Mithuna rasi). Sun is in Vrischika rasi.

Sunrise sunset timing for major Indian cities

CitySunrise - SunsetMoonrise - Moonset
Chennai06:24 AM - 05:39 PM05:57 PM - 07:10 AM
Mumbai07:05 AM - 05:58 PM06:17 PM - 07:52 AM
Delhi07:08 AM - 05:20 PM05:39 PM - 07:55 AM
Kolkata06:10 AM - 04:49 PM05:06 PM - 06:55 AM

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