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December 13 : Taylor Swift, one of the most talented songstresses in the world will be celebrating her birthday on Dec 13. The diva turned 30 and she has left her fans thoroughly happy with her latest album Lover. For many of us, the number 13 stands to be looked upon as unlucky, but with this smart woman, she proved that you can change your destiny if you really work hard for it. On her special day, we would love to treat you with some of her songs that would strike the love and emotional vibes in full swing. As the holiday season is the buzz word in each of our homes, why don’t we hum to the melodious beats of her heart- winning song number this weekend!!

Cruel Summer – Lover Album 2019

This song expresses her feeling of how deep the essence of a summer romance relationship was through her eyes. The sing dwells somewhere in between of pain, longing, and titbits of dark secrecy within her lines and voice. Her tone and the subtle instruments do play well on the emotional game and, feeds on a person who yearns for something that they have not quite attained in their dream relationship.

The Man – Lover Album 2019

The song The Man was the seventh studio album that she created within the album Lover in 2019. The song was produced by Joel Little. The song is different, as she carves out the listener's imaginations to think of her like a ‘man’. This song grabbed the Wows on its release as she touched on the feminist lines artistically. The Man had entered the Billboard Hot 100 list was ranked as number 23, followed by reaching Rolling Stone Top 100 on number 4. The fact that is great about this song is that she challenges the double standards of this patriarchal society. She points out that women need to juggle and play the success game harder in order to taste the sweetness of success, but for a man- the world is an easier rat race.

Soon You’ll Get Better – Lover Album 2019

Her song Soon You’ll Get Better holds an intimate connection to the singer, as it sheds light on the relationship her mother through its lyrics. The song moves in the country ballad style and was well received by critics. The song is emotional as she throws light on the people who have battled with cancer, Primarily, she focusses on how her parents had to survive through her mother’s breast cancer agony. She had revealed it was hard writing for this song, but truly a close one to her heart. Time magazine has called this song heart wrenching and this one has been selected as one of the saddest tunes of her career so far.

I Think He Knows – Lover Album 2019

The song on a crisp note is all about infatuation. The song is a smooth one, wherein she expresses her feelings for a secret person. She tends to admire all his actions from a distance, without making him notice of her emotions. The song reflects a touch of maturity, where she also expresses that though she wants a life long commitment, she was not sure how the other person was. So, if that did not work out, she would probably just move on,

False God – Lover Album 2019

Among the Lover collection, this seems to the song that was the most powerful in the lot. The song was well composed and revealed the emotions of a person who considers their lover or partner like their religion. Something that is quite had to digest, but that kind of love intensity is what you can expect from this beautiful lady. Taylor adds so much depth in each of her songs, that each lyric would keep you thinking about how life should be, or probably how love should be for a sincere lover.

She used lyrics like :
Religion's in your lips
Even if it's a false god
We'd still worship

Taylor Swift proves that she is a die-hard romantic woman, who takes her relationships very seriously- be it a parent, or a partner. The goodness and the ideology in her lyrics and tunes are what strikes the bell in fans. On her birthday, we could take cues from her on good living and healthy relationships.

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