ekta kapoor and sunny leone. Image Source: cine photos

December 13 : Love, lust and erotic horror are in the air ever since Ragini MMS Returns 2 has reached everyone’s ears. The previous parts sizzled everyone’s hearts and the next one is out to get the temperatures soaring in leaps and bounds. Just as the trailer has been released, the Ragini team went on a promotional spree and surely you would love to see the chirpy side of this team.

The producer Ekta Kapoor was in smiles with her cameo queen Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone set the Christmas vibes running with her red and white dress.

Image Source: cine photos

Ekta Kapoor amped her casual style statements in a cool stride. She posed with the iconic Helloji look and wowed all. The producer wore a black and white layered dress and paired it up with light black stockings.

Image Source: cine photos

Sunny Leone too sizzled with her pretty and posed look at the trailer launch event.

Image Source: cine photos

Wow, that is the lead hot stars in one frame along with Ekta. Right even before the trailer launch, the series had received a lot of acceptance and as Ekta’s promised- this too will be very hot to handle.

Image Source: cine photos

The real live lovebirds opted to turn raunchy on-screen with Ragini MMS 2 Returns. That is the hot Varun Sood and his erotic partner in crime- Divya Agarwal. Critics state that the two have exhibited a mature level of chemistry that is admirable for stars who are still budding.

Image Source: cine photos

Sunny Leone speaks on the dais about how fortunate she feels to be part of this team. Though her scenes are pretty small, that was the icing on the cake for the film. She looked beautiful in her simple red T-shirt and high waist white skirt. She chose to wear bright red matching lipstick and golden earrings. She wore nude heels and oozed classiness in a flawless manner.

Image Source: cine photos

The trio struck a loved up pose for the paparazzi. While Sood wore a hood shirt with a black jacket, jeans, and sporty shoes, Divya went in for a lovely white pantsuit. The trailer will give you an idea of the level of hotness that you are about to experience on Dec 18, 2019, on ZEE5.

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