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December 24 : The upcoming solar eclipse is making everyone very curious about what impact is going to make in people’s personal as well as social life. This is a very special event in astrology too, as so many planets are going to be in the sign of Sagittarius. The impact of the eclipse will be long-lasting, and it will impact the world as a unit as well. The stellium of the planets formed by the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu is going to take us to the root of every issue as Mula indicates roots in astrology. So, the Mula energy will be expanding on that day and, this eclipse is not going to be just another eclipse.

What is Meant by a Stellium

A stellium is a word connected with western astrology and it basically means a group of planets when they are conjoined in one sign. There should be three or more planets to form a stellium. Stellium indicates too much intense energy and it can be constructive or destructive according to the nature and degrees of the planets. During this eclipse day, this stellium is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius and Sagittarius indicates politics, administration, foreign relationships, rulers, law, foreign travels and so many things connected to law of the land. So, there will be multiple challenges regarding all these matters. This eclipse is not going to be easy for ruling parties as well as opposition too.

In India’s horoscope, the sign of Sagittarius is falling in the 8th house of ups and downs, finances, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, and misfortunes, so this is going to be a tough phase for India’s political arena and Indian citizens as well. Currently, there is a huge issue regarding Citizenship Amendment Act in India, which is blamed to have separatist nature based on religion. The issues connected to that is not going to end soon and both the ruling party and opposition will have to face huge loss regarding this. This issue will not be getting settled in a way that it satisfies ruling parties as well as opposition.

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The 8th house represents, financial issues also, and India is going through a tremendous financial crunch and that will be a long-term issue as well. Currently, the government is selling companies in the public sector and this will continue in the coming year as well. The economic crisis will be harsher during the next year as well. So, altogether, this eclipse does not have any good news to share.

Eclipses are the indication for the future and the impact will be for the long term too. During this day, Jupiter, the planet for spirituality and wisdom will be in close combustion with the Sun. When Jupiter is combusting, it will create negative thoughts in mind as Jupiter indicates optimistic thinking. Moon and Mercury are also together, and this conjunction also is not good as Moon indicate emotions and Mercury indicate restlessness. So, all of us may fall into negative thoughts in the coming days and may not be practical. Along with that Saturn in late degrees and Ketu are in the middle of this sign. This is tremendous energy, which has a high negative touch. Let’s see how each sign is going to get impacted during this eclipse day


This is a very crucial opportunity for you to get new openings in the writing and publishing sector. The planets associated with this eclipse are very active and harsh so; you have to be very careful with whatever activities you do in the media. If you are following a mass movement, then you will have to slightly control your responses. You will plan for long-distance travel or pilgrimages. Career-related training or studies also can be expected. This is a time to do a retrospect regarding your faith and belief system. There will be interactions with an international community. This is also the house of law and obedience; please try to be humble and submissive. Those who work in administration, media and the legal sector will have important duties.


During this eclipse, your financial and emotional self will get a lot of energy, that too in a complex mode. Mercury, the planet for communication and logical thinking is also in this eclipse. This is not a great time to spend. You will have to be flexible with your partners. They may ask for clarification. There will be a lot of one to one meetings for new financial projects. Joint assets related discussions are also seen. Your partnerships and emotional relationship sector are also triggered. There will be ups and downs in the relationships. Your partners will have different views. You will have a lot of interest in mystical sciences. You will think about financial aid. Someone may come for your support. Please try to find a part-time project. You may get minor physical issues as well.


This is a good time to revise your strategies in the existing relationships. Please try to be flexible and understanding with your partners. Your partners will have different expectations from you. You may go for one to one meeting. Please be more listening. You will be in mental status, where you feel the need for a change regarding relationships. There are opportunities for new business deals. You will have to focus only on those relations, which can bring profit to you or help you to prosper. Do good research or check their track. This is not a good time to impose your ideas on others. Your enemies are also active, so you have to move a little slowly.


During this eclipse, you may feel the need for more clarity at work. They may come out in support. Some new events in the workplace can also take place. You may work on short projects. You will try to improve your health and vitality. This is a good time to start a new health program or workout regime. You will be curious about small animals too. This is also the house of competitions, so there can be some competitive events. Your maternal relatives may come to you or you will be thinking about them. You have to be careful during this transit because this is a negative house. Please try to be always on a safer side, especially with your lower employees.


During this eclipse, so many planets are coming under the influence of the eclipse and that is going to impact your relationship with children... So, you have to be very clear about your romantic relations. You have to be very realistic in the relationships.

This is a house of creative projects and please tries to be very careful with your ventures. There can be some delay in the existing projects. These projects will need a lot of hard work to bring perfection to your work. You must be patient in team projects. Entertainment projects can come up, but you may have a different view about that. Your ventures also will need a lot of hard work.


During this eclipse, the 4th house of home and family will be in focus. You will buy luxury items for the family. It can be something for home furnishing too. You may try to do some real estate deals. Family functions are also seen. This house also means relatives and family meetings. You will have good opportunities to conduct some functions at home. Your relatives will be active with you. You may even plan for relocation. There can be short trips like picnics. This is an important time for your family property also. You will discuss serious matters with your family.


You will be focusing a lot of your siblings and communication skills for the long term from this eclipse onwards. You have important work with your communication skills. It can be writing, editing or sales related jobs. This house also shows gossip and media, there will be opportunities for gossiping. There will be a lot of communications. You may even buy new electronic devices. Your siblings will have important information to share with you. Career-related training and sessions are seen. Short travels and a lot of communications will come up. You will have to control your risk-taking nature.


There will be a lot of focus on your financial sector from this eclipse onwards. You are looking for a new financial project. You must control your expenses; otherwise, there can be financial struggles. Try to work hard on your existing projects. Your family will have concerns related to family property. There will be discussions related to home furnishing or family issues. You should try to improve your skills. You may renovate your house also. This house also deals with your self-worth. Please try to improve your value by studying new skills.


Your personal life and health will be very important, and you will be spending a lot of time to strengthen these matters. You will have new ideas about your personal life. You will try to have new beginnings in your life. New situations will come up in relationships. New people may come into your life.

Multiple planets will be aspecting your personal and professional relationships too. So, there will be a lot of focus on personal and professional relationships too. You may try to bring some balance to the existing relationships too.


The eclipse will be triggering your 12th house's emotional self and expenses. There will be a lot of expenses and emotional issues. This is not a good time to add more burdens, so please try to be free. If you feel like being alone, then do that. There can be minor physical issues. This house represents losses. It can be financial stress as well. This is a good time for healing and therapy. You will think about long travels. Plans for foreign settlements are also seen. You may take a lot of interest in mystical sciences.


This eclipse will trigger the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. This is an important time for your long-term relations and collective projects. There will be visible changes in your large group settings. New long-term projects may come up. Discussions for new long-term projects are also seen. This is also a secondary house for team ventures. You may discuss the possibility of a project with your scientific and technical communication skills. These skills will help you attract more partners. You will be very busy with your long-term projects. Chances for charity programs are also seen. For the long term from this month, the above-said matters will be prominent.


Your lord Jupiter is in a combust mode so you may revise your strategies regarding your social relationships. Eclipse indicates changes in the long term. Don’t take any risk with your job and image. There will be additional work on the existing projects. Projects from the communication sector can also come up.

This house also indicates your social status. You may feel like changing your role in relationships. Your bosses and rulers will have a different view. You may get reviews for your work too. This is a good time to follow your bosses. They will give you knew inputs. You will have to keep a balance between your personal and professional life.

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