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Aries: Throughout January, you will have multiple opportunities to go for a long or foreign trip. This is a time to be a traveler and interact with a different community. However, due to the Martian influence, you will be having some struggles on these trips. Make a foolproof plan as well. You may get new projects from the mass communication-related domain. Projects with foreign collaborations can be another major feature of this week. You will be interested in spiritual matters so such discussions can also come up. Career-related training and sessions will be a part of this January. However, you should not be a rebel, but there will be such moves from you and that can put you into some trouble. See More

Taurus: Martian transit to Sagittarius is making the partnership sector very important. Mars is a fiery planet and throughout the month, Mars will be in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign of luck and finances too. All this indicates the need for more care in dealing with finances. Expenses may arise from nowhere, so, you should prepare for that. Arguments with partners may also come up. Please take due care if you are looking for a new partnership. There can be some miscalculations regarding the new ventures. There will be multiple financial dealings. This is also a time for lending and borrowing and you need to be careful during this month. See More

Gemini: Mars, the warrior of the zodiac will be forcing you to focus on your personal and professional relationships. This is a very sensitive time for your personal and professional life too. Please don’t provoke anyone through your behavior. You should consider the opinion of your spouse as well. They will have different needs and you should try to help them. New contracts and deals can also come up. During this month, you will even get new offers for new projects as well. However, you should be clear about the terms and conditions too. Otherwise, you may land in some trouble later. See More

Cancer: Martian transit to the sector for work, colleagues, and health will be evident during this month. Wherever Mars is placed, you will have to spend a lot of energy on those matters. So, this focus will be on your work, colleagues, and health. Projects from communication-related domains can come up. Accounting, law, logistics, health, and nutrition will be other major sectors, which going to be active. Try to be calm with the needs of your colleagues. Otherwise, there can be some arguments. You may feel the need for improving your health. This is also a time for a new diet and health care regime. See More

Leo: Martian influence over the sector for creativity and romance will be forcing you to work hard on your ventures. This will energize your passion for a better romantic life. Those who work in the creative sector will try to improve their ventures. Those who work with own ventures will have new ideas. Social gatherings and entertainment programs also can come up. This is also a good time to work with children and youth groups. You will have some concerns regarding your children and their nourishment. However, this is not a great time to take up risky ventures as you will be a bit careless about your responsibilities. See More

Virgo: Martian influence on the family and personal life will be very much visible throughout this month. This will bring some changes or events in the family sector. You may buy new products for home and a better life. It can be a household item to improve your lifestyle. Repairing and modification can also come up during this month. You may try to do some real estate deals as well. Family meetings and functions can also come up. You will have an important conversation with your family members. However arguments are also a part of this month, so try to be patient with your family members. See More

Libra: Mars will be triggering the sector for short travels, communications, and media during this month. This indicates a lot of work with your communication skills. There will be a lot of communication with your siblings or siblings like people. Try to be gentle while talking to them. Projects from, writing, editing, and electronics-related domains can come up. Career-related training and an opportunity to buy a new electronic device also exist. You will have to take care of your health due to your busy life. During this month, your whole body will be activated and that can give some issues now and then. See More

Scorpio: Your money, self-worth, finances, and speech will be very much highlighted by the powerful planet Mars. This influence will bring a lot of focus on finances. Your financial sector is going through a lot of transformations for the past few days. You will try to get a part-time job. At work, you have to spend a lot of energy on complex projects and that can be a little tiring also. However, you can feel a little low energy; still, you will manage to work. Please avoid arguments with family as well as colleagues. Try to save as much as you can get unexpected expenses during this month. See More

Sagittarius: Mars will be triggering your personal life and health during this month and there can be some stress. Physical health will be very important, and you will have to take a new health care program. Whenever any planet moves through this sector, you may get such physical issues. They will vanish once when the transit moves out. This Mars can make you impatient and that may lead to arguments. Try to take enough rest and make some new plans for your life. The sector for creativity and romance also will get activated. This is also a time for new beginnings from personal as well as professional life. See More

Capricorn: You will have a focus on your emotional hurdles during this month. Mars will be in the sign of Sagittarius and that cannot be seen as a great placement. You may like to stay alone and move in a silent mode. This move will help you to be enlightened and peaceful. Stay away from all scandals. Minor physical issues also can come up. This can be a testing time for your workplace also. Try to avoid arguments with your colleagues. However, dissatisfaction from the workplace can also come up. You should place all your worries in the hands of almighty as it will test our faith and dedication towards it. So, that it can give trust you with other serious responsibilities, you have to pass this test. See More

Aquarius: Your long term relationships and group settings will be highlighted by Mars. This indicates the chances to get a new long-term project. New friends may come to you. Projects from scientific and technical communication domains are also possible. You will have some ideas regarding your group settings. Projects from international groups can also come up. You may think about your romantic life and try to improve it. Creative projects can also come up. However, arguments in the team are also very much possible, so stay away from that. Occasional financial gains are also seen. This is also a month to attend multiple social gatherings. See More

Pisces: Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius and it is igniting the sector for career and managers. Since Mars is also a fiery planet there will be a lot of aggressiveness in you. Please don’t push all those in your work sector. You will be recognized for the work done. Projects from the arts, entertainment, and other creative sectors can come up. You will try to renew your workplace. However, there can be some arguments and try to avoid that. Many times, you may get dissatisfaction, but you should gently present your points. Otherwise, it can affect the total atmosphere of the work. See More

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