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January 13 : On Jan 15, 2020, the festival of happiness, goodness and wealth - Pongal 2020 will be celebrated. This is better known as the Harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. In different parts of India, the festival is known by different names- like Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra, Lohri followed by the Maghi festival in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, and Magh Bihu in Assam. Amongst the rituals, and also the food delicacies that are prepared for the special day. But making artistic Kolam designs or Rangoli designs at the entrance of the homes, and even conducting community competitions are quite normal during these festive days. Here, we have a collection of Rangoli designs that you can choose from and make this 2020 Pongal extra special!

Meaning & Significance of making a Kolam Design

Rangoli basically indicates the Celebration of Colours. People believe that making Kolam or Rangolis will bring happiness and positivity to people. The Indian traditions showcase that drawing designs with natural colors bring inauspicious feelings into the homes. It holds a special place in the four day festival time of Pongal.

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Best Kolam art for Pongal 2020

You can draw this beautiful Kolam design showcasing the most important delicacy of the festival. This is none other than the dish called Sweet Pongal made with rice, milk, and jaggery.

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Auspicious Kolam design for the festive season

You can use many natural colours to make such an exquisite design like the one above. This is a classic mandala drawing and surely there is nothing that would wrong in getting this done. It uses all basic colours, and so the young and old can try a hand at this.

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Colourful kolam designs

Infuse the element of religion in your Kolam with this image. To worship this humble animal is considered auspicious during the harvest festival of Pongal. As people wash and feed their livestock during this festive season, this Kolam design looks perfect for the occasion.

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Beautiful Rangoli designs for Pongal

Change background colours as per your availability and let the spirit of Pongal fill your homes.

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Colourful Rangoli designs

This is a wonderful melange of colours, that would instil positive feelings into your life. You can always experiment on the types of geometrical designs that can be drawn. This choice is great if you happen to taken part in any kolam drawing competition.

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