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January 14 : Bollywood actors Sonnalli Seygall and Sunny Singh who are busy promoting their film 'Jai Mummy Di' were seen celebrating Lohri with their reel mom's (Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon). The actors shared their memories mentioning Lohri as the festival about burning the negativity.

The actors in their colorful outfits were seen celebrating Lohri in Hindu traditional way. They lit the bonfire and danced around with the drummers playing drums in the background. Rejoicing each and every moment, actors shared their excitement and memories attached to the festival.

Poonam Dhillon recollecting her childhood memories said, "I am born and brought up in Chandigarh. People out there would sing song 'Sunder Mundri' and ask 20 paise or one rupee from each and every house. Whatever money we collected on Lohri from people, was like a treasure for us."

Sunny too shared his childhood memories saying, "As you all know Lohri is celebrated in evening. But I was so excited about the festival, that I would take the money from my mom in the morning only. Later, with my friends I would go out and enjoy eating at restaurant. For me the special thing about Lohri is that only in this festival we get to eat Revdi (made of Til and Jaggery)."

Sonnalli expressing her memories said, "After coming to Mumbai this is my first Lohri and I am very excited to celebrate this festival here. It was my mom who introduced me about this festival. I have a very special memory of my childhood. To celebrate this festival, my mom would keep the old kadai (frying pan) specially for it. In the evening we used to lit the bonfire and keep the kadai on it. To celebrate the theme of harvesting we used to put popcorn in it."

On contrary, actress Supriya Pathak as a Maharashtrian didn't had any such memories attached with the festival. But the actress expressed saying that, she after getting married into a punjabi family realised the importance of Lohri. She believes that Lohri is an important festival, especially for farmers.

Along with the actors director Navjit Gulati too was seen celebrating the festival.

'Jai Mummy Di' is an upcoming romantic, comedy film. It is scheduled to release on 17 January 2020.

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