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January 15 : Makar Sankranti 2020 is an auspicious Hindu festival when devotees pray to the Surya Deva and dedicate all their food, prayers and rituals with a lot of fanfare. The festival marks a very auspicious time called Uttarayan, which is believed to be a time when can one can undertake the holy dip and get Mukti in this life. The religious ritual of dipping oneself in the holy waters of Ganga is called the Ganga Sagar Snan . Every year thousands of people flock to its banks in order to perform rituals. In Gujarat, the Makar Sankranti is also called as Uttarayan and is celebrated on Jan 15, 2020. Then the next day is celebrated as Vassi Uttarayan 2020 .

Why is Kite Flying so significant for Uttarayan 2020?

After that, people exchange a lot of sweets and then engage in the kite flying celebration, This is a communal activity and very much loved by people of all ages.

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Kite Flying on Makar Sankranti

It is believed that Uttarayan marks the end of the winter season, the Rabi season harvest time and also the time when the sun comes out again to begin a new year of life and agriculture.

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Frames of the kites are made

People start making their kites much before the festival, so that by that time – they are ready to have fun with all in the community. Even there have been famous Bollywood songs based on this Uttarayan Kite Flying Festival.

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Making the kite thread for Lohri and Makar Sankranti

Prior to the Kite flying event, kite manufacturers prepare their threads by dipping them in various colours.

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The final kite thread on reel

After that, these threads are left to dry and then coated with glass powder to get the final effect of a beautiful kite flying experience.

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Kite Flying on open grounds

Traditionally, people believe that it is the Sun that cures a lot of physical infections. So, on Makara Sankranthi or Pongal , people get out with the kites and play in the sun. This helps to kill all the infections that stayed in the body during the winter season.

This is also a way of expressing happiness, and gratefulness to Surya Deva. It is believed that once the Lord is happy, devotees will be blessed with good health, wealth and happiness in the new year.

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International Kite Festival

Since 1989, the International Kite Festival has been started in Gujarat and this has built the tourism in Gujarat. Apart from this, people in Rajasthan also celebrate the festival with a lot of fervour. Below you can see more colourful kites that would awaken the kite lover in you

Image Source: IANS

People busy purchasing kites

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Kite designs

Image Source: Xinhua/Shariful Islam/IANS

Kites in various shapes

Image Source: IANS

creature based kites

Image Source: IANS

cartoon character kite

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