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Aries Horoscope: You will be able to stretch your day a bit longer due to your good health. On financial front, you may take some constructive decisions. If you want success then tap on the right opportunity on the right time. Deal any family issue with utmost care. Plan your travel itinerary properly before its execution. Property related matters will be in your favor. Complete pending task and take them on priority. You may get chance to spend lovely moments with your love partner today. Lucky Number: 15 Lucky Colour: White

Taurus Horoscope: You may achieve your goals on work front. Before taking next step, you better discuss financial matter with others. Saying good bye to bad habits and developing good ones may prove beneficial for your health. This is the right time to fix fences with an opponent and try to move on in life. You may help someone on the domestic front. Your partner may expect your assistance in something. Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown

Gemini Horoscope: You may be able to put down full stop on your worries on the academic front. Things and conditions will be in your favor on the professional front. Your positive thinking influences your immediate environment positively. A quite rejuvenating family outing is indicated. Those who have choice can take best decision on the property front but better consult with relevant people or professionals. Your partner may discuss relationship goals today. Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Cancer Horoscope: You may have to be in someone’s shoes to understand his or her behavior. You are more likely to get appreciation on the professional front. You may expect money from various unexpected sources. Your achievements will keep you optimistic on the academic front. Homemakers may be occupied in something special on the domestic front. This is a lucky day to plan a romantic dinner or outing with partner.

Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Coffee

Leo Horoscope: You may get immense benefit from a fitness tip. Realizing goals and big dreams encourage you to do your best. Find some time for your lover in order to rejuvenate your love life. You can overcome with a financial issue using wait and watch policy. Your performance may be under supervision on the professional front. You may owe people an explanation on the social front. It may be a content day on the social front. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Forest Green

Virgo Horoscope: You may have to get better updated with something you want to do on the work front. Something you have been worrying about may make a positive beginning. Make the most of your contacts or network in order to achieve your goals on the academic front. Positivity and friendliness may matter a lot in creating a favorable environment on the domestic front. You may have to take some steps in order to make your financial condition better. Avoid extremes to maintain good health. Unnecessary arguments with partner may ruin your day so keep away from arguing.

Lucky Number: 3 Lucky Colour: Brown

Libra Horoscope: Contribution from one of your family members may bring desired outcomes on the business front. You can expect early success on the investment front. Your health will be in excellent state. Your progress in a project brings appreciation to you from your seniors. You should think the subtle ways to deal property issues. You should set realistic expectations if you do not want to face disappointment on the love front.

Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Indigo

Scorpio Horoscope: Put your best efforts if you want to achieve your dreams and objectives on the academic front. Your stars in your favor and appear auspicious. Those who want to switch job may get good opportunities. Lost money or misplaced item may be found today. Homemakers may have busy day as they may have do vendor negotiations to give a new and beautiful look to the house. Some may get lucky in campus placement. Marriage of the eligible is indicated.

Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Coffee

Sagittarius Horoscope: You may make progress rapidly in something you recently took up. You may help someone in need. Someone may try to mend the relationship with you, so do not make situations odd for them. Sticking on good diet and exercise may be difficult for some. Friendliness and positivity may be your driving force. Your calculative move help keep your relationship healthy.

Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: White

Capricorn Horoscope: Things will change and improve on the work front. You may achieve your aims and make a mark on the academic front. Achieving success on the health and fitness front may require overcoming laziness. Rigorous follow up is required to recover your money back from someone. Someone in your family may expect your valuable suggestion. Thinking about romance today is not a good idea. Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Lemon

Aquarius Horoscope: You better review your decisions and actions before desiring something that is not yours on the work front. Someone may not go with your investment ideas or schedule so try to understand him or her. On the property front, some will get chance to seize an opportunity they had been waiting. Situations are in favor to those who planning to go abroad for higher studies. Your partner’s company may bring peace and happiness to you. Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Cream

Pisces Horoscope: You may have to accommodate someone on the work front by going out of your way. Your day may be brightening up by visit of your childhood friend. Couples may plan special outing today. A thorough consideration on finance proposal is required before committing it. You may have to handle one of your family members carefully. Before making any final decision, consider the merits of property options. You should enjoy each and every moments with your partner. Lucky Number: 11 Lucky Colour: Light Red

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