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Aries: During this week, there will be a lot of focus in the sign of Aquarius and that indicates a lot of new beginnings in long term relations from personal and professional domain. You will have to be ready to take up challenges from long term projects. They can be mostly from finance or technical sector. There will be some projects from media and mass communications as well. This is not a time to make careless moves as there will be some issues within the team. You will be trying to get new friendships and some changes in the existing relationships can also come up. See More

Taurus: Your career sector is much highlighted during this week and the new moon is going to impact it. There are so many events connected to your career and that also shows new beginnings. There will be arguments with your managers and that should not affect the productivity at work. You should be little more patient; otherwise there will be unhealthy arguments. This is not the best time to make any changes in the existing job, but you will be thinking about new job opportunities as well. At work, you will have to do a lot of communication and there will be appraisals as well. Your HR may share some valid inputs. See More

Gemini: The new moon will rise in the sector for long or foreign trips. This is an important time for foreign or long trips. It can be for official as well as personal purpose as well. This is an important time for students, and they will plan for higher studies, which is for a long duration. However, they can have some challenges in the stay in the foreign place or long trips. So, you need to be very careful regarding your preparations. This is a good week to write and publish your articles. Spiritual inclination also is seen during this week. See More

Cancer: During this week, there will be a lot of activation on your partnerships and finances. The new moon will be coming up in this sector and there will be a lot of challenges. This is also the sector for emotional wellbeing and you will have concerns regarding your peace and happiness. Try not to stretch anything beyond your capacity. In partnerships from personal and professional sector, you need to be realistic. The Sun and Mercury conjunction can make you too much talkative about your unrealistic expectations. Try to manage your finances and spend carefully. Arguments with your in laws can also be a part of this week. See More

Leo: The new moon will be triggering your relationship sector during this week. This new moon is accompanied with Mercury as well. So, there will be a lot of communication regarding your relationships. It can be about personal and professional relationships as well. The new moon indicates new beginnings, so you may start a new relationship. However, this is a complex time for new as well as existing relationships. If you want a happy and long term relationship, then you have to adjust yourself a lot. In business relations also arguments are seen. However, this is also a time for long trips and new contracts. New social contacts are also seen during this week. See More

Virgo: This is a very crucial time for your work as the new moon will impact it. The new moon always indicates new beginnings and that shows some new changes at work. It can come as a new project or a new job. However, if your current job is secure, then don’t take risk with that. The projects which you get during this week can be very competitive, so, you have to be very careful. Try to learn from your colleagues and cooperate with them, otherwise, there can be arguments. Physical health can also be little concerning, but that will be for some time only. However, you should not ignore it. See More

Libra: This is a big week for your creative energies as the new moon is going to rise in the sector for creative energies. You will have a lot of opportunities to display your talents and thus get noticed in the public. This is a time to witness some changes in your love life as well. The new moon always indicate new beginnings as Mercury is also there, so you can expect some arguments in the love affair. Please don’t try to change anyone forcefully. This is also a good week for studies and you may join a new course. You will be working for the nourishment of children and youth groups as well. See More

Scorpio: The new moon will rise in the sector for family and home and that indicate a lot of new beginnings in your family as well as personal life. There are other planets also influencing these matters so, your personal life will be transforming. Real estate deals and construction related opportunities can come up. However there will be some arguments regarding these real estate deals too. You should solve those issues amicable. New issues can also come up all of a sudden. Your family members will ask your help to solve these issues. There will be few family functions as well. See More

Sagittarius: During this week, there will be a lot of focus on multiple projects and short travels. The new moon will bring new opportunities from projects related to writing and media related domain. You will have a lot of communications regarding your life as well as own ventures. Meeting with siblings and siblings like people also can come up. There will be multiple meetings with them and their life will be very eventful. This is also a good week to study new subjects. Most of the courses which you take up during this week can be short projects. This is a busy week and that can bring some minor physical issues as well. See More

Capricorn: The new moon indicates new beginnings and during this week, it is going to impact your finances. There will be some unexpected expenses, so you have to be financially very much prepared. This is also a good week to get part time projects and you should search for it. Mercury is also in this sector, so there will be a lot of work with your communication skills. Banking and accounting professionals are also going to find this as a complicated time. At work, you will have discussions with your managers. This can also be a time for your appraisals. Multiple financial deals also are seen. See More

Aquarius: The Sun will enter your sign and that will trigger your personal life. During this week, you will have new beginnings in your personal life as the new moon is also going to hit your personal life. New projects or new people also can come into your life. However, minor physical issues are also possible and you should not ignore it. You will have more interest in your beauty and vitality as well. There will be a focus on your one to one relationship as well. New relationships will come up for you. It can be a business relation as well. See More

Pisces: During this week, the new moon will rise in the sector for separation and detachment. There are other planets also here in this sector, so there will be a lot of emotional issues and you should not get into any activity which can add your emotional burdens. There will be some issues from the past also, so you have to be silent and focus on your mental heal and peace. Prayer and meditation will be ideal during this week and that will help you to be calm and peaceful. At work, you will have some complex projects, so you need to work hard. See More

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