Satyendra Jain. (File Photo: IANS). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Jan 20 : The total movable assets of Delhi Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain, who filed his nomination papers for the February 8 Assembly polls from the Shakur Basti Assembly seat, here on Monday, has declined by over Rs 35 lakh in the five years.

While filing his nomination papers in 2015, Jain had claimed Rs 62,31,299 movable assets, which has come down to Rs 26,51,469 in 2020. However, moveable assets of his wife have increased by over Rs 62 lakh.

Poonam Jain, a housewife, had Rs 86,39,242 movable assets in 2015, which has increased to Rs 1,49,00,175.

The self-acquired immovable assets have remained roughly the same for both Jain and his wife, since 2015.

The total movable assets of one of her daughter, a 'dependent', have also doubled in five years. Shreya Jain had Rs 15,01,714 movable assets in 2015, which increased to Rs 31,10,583 in 2020.

The Minister, his wife and daughter Shreya continue to have the same amount of gold holding 100 gramme, 250 gramme and 200 gramme, respectively, as in 2015.

However, the value of their gold holding, included in the movable assets, has increased by 50 per cent in five years. The family owns two cars as in 2015.

The Minister, contesting from the Shakur Basti Assembly seat, has Rs 74,28,470 liabilities, as per his 2020 affidavit. It was Rs 1,17,05,000 in 2015.

He has taken loans from wife (Rs 24.53 lakh), daughter (Rs 19.75 lakh), one Kanshi Ram (Rs 5 lakh) and Parker and Co (Rs 25 lakh) as of January 2020.

His 2015 affidavit had the same names under the loans and due section. However, the amount was higher in 2015.

The Minister, who holds numerous portfolios, has mentioned two cases in his 2020 affidavit, which was "nil" in 2015.

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