Anand Mahindra. (File Photo: IANS). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Jan 22 : Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra recently shared a video on an innovative math hack, impressing the Twitterati. Even Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan loved the video.

The clip shared by Anand Mahindra shows a teacher trying to explain her students the multiplication table of 9.

In the viral clip, the teacher can be seen teaching the students the table using an easy hack which just involves the use of our fingers.

Mahindra shared the video with the caption, "Whaaaat? I didn't know about this clever shortcut. Wish she had been MY math teacher. I probably would have been a lot better at the subject! #whatsappwonderbox." Impressed by the innovative teaching method, Shah Rukh Khan replied, "Can't tell you how many of my life's issues this one simple calculation has solved wow! Sending it to #byju to include it in their teaching method." The tweets went viral, leading to some users sharing their ingenious ways of learning tables.

A user wrote, "Wow sir amazing. I never thought this can also be a fun trick for multiplication. More School teachers need to adopt such fun methods to teach kids, so that they learn without any stress and can enjoy as well. By this school attendance can also be increased." Another user wrote, "#Childcraft from #WorldBook encyclopedia teaches this technique. Amazing that this is being taught in our schools too!" "Yes Sir, this is the trick only series of 9. If students don't know this, it will be a disaster," read one post.

A Tweeple remarked, "Simplicity can be used in any form...simple is the way of life hats off to such teachers who make learning simple."

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