• Currency Convertor

    Daily Foreign exchange and currency exchange rates calculator. Check the exchange rate of one currency with that of other currencies. Free daily currency rates converter.

  • EMI Calculator

    Find Equated Monthly Installment or EMI payable on a loan. Find the payment schedule and the amount of interest and principle in each installment paid.

  • Loan Repayment Calculator

    Find the tenure of a loan. Calculate the period required to repay a loan based on the EMI and rate of interest.

  • Retirement Calculator

    Calculate the amount you need to save for your retirement. Determine the monthly savings for a comfortable retirement.

  • Savings and Investment Return Calculator

    Calculate growth of savings and investments. Find out the rate of return and interest amount on monthly investments on maturity.

  • Loan Amortization Calculator

    Amortization calculator to calculate loan amortization schedule. Find the mortgage or loan payment schedule.

  • Savings Calculator

    Online Savings Calculator is calculate accumulated savings, savings interest required and monthly savings to meet a target amount on maturity.

  • Indian Rupee Symbol

    About the New Indian Rupee Symbol and the design of the Indian Currency symbol.

  • Sudoku Game

    Play Sudoku Game online. Free SUDOKU game to play online.

  • Kerala Weather

    Get the latest weather report about Kerala. Weather report and weather forecast for Kerala and important Kerala cities.

  • Distance to India

    Find the distance to India's metro cities, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata from any where in the world. Distance to India Calculator to calculate Air Travel Distance to India.

  • Car Insurance Calculator

    Calculate the insurance premium amount payable on Car insurance using this Car insurance calculator. Insurance Premium amount for new car as well as insurance renewal premium can be calculated.

  • Car Affordability Calculator

    Calculate how much car you can afford based on your annual income and expenditure. This calculator will help you find a car that fits your budget.

  • Research Bikes

    Research your favourite bikes and their details. Also know more about their news, recently launched and upcoming bikes in India