Puri: The three Cobras and their eggs that were rescued jointly by a snake helpline volunteer after a villager discovered the snakes doing the rounds of a hay stack where they had laid their eggs at Balipatna village in Kanas of Puri District in Odisha. The mother Cobras were released into their natural habitat nearby, and the eggs were sent to snake helpline for artificial incubation. According to a wildlife expert, when a cobra finds a place most suitable to lay it's eggs, it lays eggs there and guard it till they hatch. The same place can also attach other cobras too for the same reasons. This is known as colonial nesting. Since, Cobras are deadly and venomous and have the capacity of laying around 57 eggs, the threat they can pose to the people of the locality can not be sidelined. However, snakes are integral part of our ecosystem, hence, the snakes and their eggs should not be damaged by people. Instead the Snake Helpline or local forest staff should be informed so that they can be rescued.

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