Chennai: A Chennai cop wearing a 'Corona Helmet' intercepts a lockdown violater on March 29, 2020. The cop wearing the helmet, police Inspector Rajesh Babu in collaboration with a local artist Gowtham had come with this innovative initiative to dissuade people from flouting the curfew and make them undertand the severity of the disease. The helmet that has a scary and eerie appearance, has been designed loosely based on a close up of what a singular representation of the virus looks like. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a crown-like appearance and the spikes on its surface gives this virus its family name, corona which means crown in Latin. As per the latest statistcs from the World Health Organsation, there are 575,444 cofirmed cases of Coronavirus across 202 nations with 26,654 deaths. Cases across India surged to 974 with 109 new cases on Saturday. The death toll in the country touched 27 with Delhi, Kerela, Telangana, Gujarat and Maharashtra confirming one death each. In order to contain the spead of COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a 21 day nationwide lockdown imposed in 560 districts in 32 states and union territories across the country that came into effect on the intervening night of March 24 and 25 and shall continue till April 14.

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