Kolkata: Devotees wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits perform Dhunuchi dance - a devotional dance form performed holding a dhunuchi, which contains the burning coconut husk with dhuno sprinkled on it - on Maha Navami at a community puja pandal in Kolkata on Oct 25, 2020. Dhunuchi is a flared shape earthen receptacle held by a stem. Dhunuchis are traditionally made of clay that has natural insulation properties. It is usually lit by setting fire to the dry coconut husk on which dhuno (the Indian equivalent of frankincense, is a plant resin of sal tree) and camphor are sprinkled. Dhunuchi Naach or Dhunuchi dance is performed to thank the Goddess. While traditionally it used to be a men-only affair, women are increasingly taking part in the activity. Dancers can be seen holding one burning dhunuchi in each hand while performing to the beats of dhak amid ululation.

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