Subhari Rishi did Tapasya in water of this Tal and Yamunaji. He performed a Yagya for Maharaja Mandhana of Ayodhya when there a was long spell of drought.

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It's another important place in heart of Vrindavan immensely popular with visitors.Brahma Kund, a natural source of water through acquirers, has been restored by Braj Foundation with pauranik tales and descriptions.

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The efforts have unearthed the hidden treasure of Brahma Samhita, which has been beautifully inscribed on the stones.Epic stories of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his 5 disciples and tales of Meera Bai have been very nicely depicted here.

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Braj Foundation has beautifully restored these moments.It also depicts the story Kalia Nag turning into stone. It beautifully depicts killing of Aghasur by Lord Krishna & the celebration that followed after the event with Jai Ghosh.

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Steps will be taken soon in this direction.I discussed with Municipal Commissioner, Corporation and District Administration teams and the Anchor to focus on sustainability and people???s engagement. Impressive work has been done under the supervision of City Anchor Braj Foundation.

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The entire Braj Bhoomi, particularly Mathura and Vrindavan are replete with places linked to pauranik tales from the times of Lord Krishna, Jai Kund, beautifully restored and developed by Braj Foundation is one such shining example.

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