Just a short distance from Mathura lies Deeg, known for its number of forts, palaces, gardens and fountains. It was treated as a summer resort of the Jat Maharajas of Bharatpur. The Jats of Bharatpur are said to have risen to power during the period of Mughal decline, after the death of Aurangzeb in 1797 AD. It was during this time that they consolidated their stronghold in the area between Agra and Delhi. Before the 18th century, Deeg was one of the numerous tiny and unknown villages of eastern Rajasthan, forming a part of the Agra province of the Mughal Empire. Being within the area known as Braj- Bhoomi, local belief suggest that the Jats of this region are descendants of Sri Krishna and his clansmen, the Yadavas.

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