Kurnool: Andhra Pradesh Special Enforcement Bureau Additional SP Gautami Sally SP, Fakeerappa Kaginelli IPS during raids being carried out in Kurnool district in coordination with SEB team, police and excise police for illegal sand smuggling, illegal liquor. 27 cases have been registered against illicit liquor trade. The Andhra Pradesh government???s efforts to implement prohibition has triggered a spike in the illicit liquor trade and smuggling of liquor from other states, and a large number of people are ending up in jail in liquor-related cases. The high prices and low availability of liquor has led to a boost in the illegal liquor trade in rural areas. In the last three months, SEB and police have seized 2,43,226 litres of illicit liquor; 2000 litres of toddy; 1,35,700 litres of black jaggery; 21,429 litres of duty paid Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and 1,617 litres of beer; and 2,34,152 litres of non-duty paid IMFL and 15,445 litres of beer.

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