May 6, 2013 - Dhaka, Bangladesh - Bangladeshi Police escort Hefajat-e-Islam movement veteran leaser Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi (c) from a madrassa in Dhaka on May 6, 2013. An Islamist leader who organized mass protest in Bangladesh war driven out of Dhaka under police security official told meida. Police insisted that Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, the vetern leader of the Hefajat-e-Islam movement , was not arrested buth left his madrassa in Dhaka of his own accord. Photo: STR (Credit Image:

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People look at products burnt by Islamist activists during a clash with police at Motijheel area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 6, 2013. Bangladesh police accompanied by paramilitary troops and elite force on Monday cleared Dhaka's key commercial district Motijheel and adjoing areas where hundreds of Islamists were occupied to demand for enacting a new anti- blasphemy law. At least 20 were killed as demonstrating Islamists were swept away from Dhaka's commercial district. (Xinhua/Shariful Islam).. (Credit Image:

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