Wildlife expert Rohan Bhate displays the wildlife protective kit distributed to forest personnel in Nashik.

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Range Forest Officer (RFO) Priyanka Lagad, who survived a leopard attack in Friday in Ratnagiri.

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Range Forest Officer (RFO) Rajendra R. Patil, injured on the arms, thighs and ankle while grappling a wild leopard with his bare hands in a cashes plantation in Nivli village, Ratnagiri, on Friday evening, but saved himself, his colleagues and villagers.

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The incident happened in a private cashew nut plantation near Nivli village, around 20 kms on the outskirts of Ratnagiri town, on Friday afternoon.In a rare display of exemplary courage and presence of mind, a Maharashtra Range Forest Officer grappled with his bare hands with a leopard and in the process managed to save himself, his colleagues and other villagers from the aggressive and hungry big cat.

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