Padmaja- @thebookishtales An avid reader, Padmaja has a blog callled

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Moumita- @bookishbong Creator of #bengalibookrecommendation, Moumita's account is a perfect place for book review.

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Mridula- @ecstatic_yet_chaotic In her own words, Mridula is an "impatient reader" and prefers short stories and novellas over full length novels

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Vivek Tejuja- @vivekisms A culture editor with a magazine, Vivek has a blog named

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Book Soul- @booxoul From Murakami to Manu Pillai, Book Soul is the stop for book review and influence

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Pooja Singh- A software developer herself, Pooja is a reader, content creator and founder of #takeyourbooksout

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Niki- @thebookelf_ The IIM Bangalore graduate is a digital content creator and a book reader and reviewer.

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Vidhya A Thakkar- @reader_viddh Mumbai-based Vidya is a book blogger, reviewer and a marketing strategist.

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Samvedna- @samvedna_ The account is a trusted place for book reviews and promotions.

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Mir- @khubaibliophile Mir's account is all about #indianwomenintranslation #readingmymothertongue

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