Varanasi: Abhishek Singh's painting curated by Anubhav Nath, curatorial director of Ojas Art. The beautiful black and white work brings across the great Shiva with multiple hands pertaining to his multiple interests and powers. Stripping out colour adds clarity and depth to the chosen subject in Varanasi.

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People engaging their bodies in dancing during the rocking performance of the band that compelled them to dancing, moshing, or just relaxing and letting the music wash over them in Varanasi.

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With their aim of making Kabir's verses accessible to all, the five-member contemporary band -- Kabir Cafe presenting their interpretation through music filled with pop, reggae, rock, folk fusion and Carnatic flavours in Varanasi.

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Kabir expert Prahlad Tipanya enthralled the audiences with his trademark singing while simultaneously discussing the works of the 15th century mystic poet in the Malwi folk style rooted in Madhya Pradesh in Varanasi.

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Azeem Ahmed Alvi opened the second day of the Mahindra Kabira Festival with his sitar seamlessly fusing the serenity of the morning sunrise with the flow of the river in Varanasi in Varanasi.

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At the Assi Ghat, the sun set with the riveting performance of the legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist duo Pandit Rajan-Sajan Mishra, whose stellar voices served as a perfect conclusion to the day in Varanasi in Varanasi.

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The artistes articulated various emotions and moods of the mystic poet through their poignant recitals in Varanasi.Shabnam Virmani and Vipul Rikhi reflecting on Kabir’s Dohas through music and poetry at the festival in Varanasi.

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His mesmerizing flute recital complemented the serenity of the early morning as the sun rose on Darbhanga Ghat in Varanasi.Against the serene backdrop of the sacred river Ganga, Atul Shankar performing renditions of some of morning ragas in the Benaras Gharana style at the Mahindra Kabira Festival in Varanasi.

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