Anushka Sharma's Schooling a man for littering on road, Virat Kohli's filming it and sharing the video on social media, has now earned the ire of the 'shamed' man's mother. The video went viral just after Virat posted it. Netizens slammed the man and praised Virushka for being good citizens. However just after a while the man, Arhhan Singh, took to his social media account and slammed the couple for not having 'verbal etiquette.' The littering saga doesn't end here; now, Arhhan's mother took to Instagram and lashed out at the couple for 'shaming her son' and 'violating basic rights to privacy'. Schooling Virushka back, she wrote that they should have done 'it with kindness and fear karma' defending her son's not 'reacting badly' because of his 'decent upbringing'. However, some netizens agreed with her, but Virushka's fans have also started questioning her son’s 'littering act' on her post.  

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