World Health Organisation (WHO) officially recognised ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental illness. According to the official website of WHO, “Gaming disorder is defined as a pattern of gaming behaviour characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.” This has been added in the draft, 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the basis for “identification of health trends and the international standard for reporting diseases and health conditions. It is used by medical practitioners around the world to diagnose conditions and by researchers to categorize conditions.” According to the ICD-11, for gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning and would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.  

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