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  1.  1 min  Thailand to hold elections on February 24
  2.  7 mins  New book takes readers on a historic adventure through railway legends
  3.  10 mins  ASUS launches 2 mid-range smartphones in India
  4.  16 mins  Sensex ends 190 points up amid volatility
  5.  16 mins  MNF wins Mizoram, Congress' last Northeast state
  6.  16 mins  Pujara moves to fourth, Bumrah achieves career-high ranking
  7.  25 mins  Top Congress leaders taste defeat in Telangana
  8.  25 mins  Bollywood wishes long life for Dilip Kumar on 96th birthday
  9.  25 mins  Late childbirth linked to high breast cancer risk: Study
  10.  25 mins  Singer Akull unveils song for party season

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