Published On: Aug 16, 2018

भारी बारिश के बाद कर्नाटक के मदिकेरी में एक इमारत ढह गई । यह भयानक मंज़र कैमरे में क़ैद हो गया।  

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  2.  12 mins  Ryan Reynolds cancels surgery to promote 'Deadpool 2' in China
  3.  17 mins  Entertainment industry is run by a glamorous mafia: Pahlaj Nihalani
  4.  17 mins  BenQ launches 4K home cinema projectors in India
  5.  17 mins  Mamata's opposition rally not enough to elevate her as face of opposition(News Analysis)
  6.  1 hr  New Google policy to reveal political ad-spend in India
  7.  1 hr  Bob Marley's granddaughter thinking of 'entering political office' in Jamaica
  8.  1 hr  President to confer Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar on Tuesday
  9.  1 hr  Kohli named captain of both ICC Test, ODI Teams of the Year
  10.  2 hrs  Rains lash Delhi, air improves to 'moderate'

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