With the onset of Navratris, festive is in the air and also taking centre stage is the trend of fasting. Hope you wish to get a glowing skin this Navratri, so eat these foods during Navratri for a healthy glowing skin. Water chestnut or singhara might taste delicious when fried in ghee but people don't know the benefits it can have on your skin. Have dry fruits, very few people know that a handful of nuts can prove to be magical for the skin. Try dry roasting pumpkin seeds or even roasting them in ghee with a sprinkle of rock salt, you will sure to get a glowing skin. Yogurt is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Yogurt is best to detoxify the skin. Sabudana helps in cooling excessive heat in the body and that's best for your skin.  

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