Published On: Apr 02, 2019

This pup was found yelping on the streets of Noida. The pup had broken a leg after a vehicle had run over it. The pup’s mother could do little as she looked on helplessly. But the pup’s cries didn’t go unnoticed. Two people took the pup to a nearby animal shelter. The story doesn’t end here. The pup’s broken paw had developed some complications. The pup had to be given an injection and bandaged twice a week. It took 10 days of medication for the pup’s paw to be ready for a plaster. The pup seemed to be feeling better. But the plaster still had to be changed twice on the leg. Finally, after a fortnight, it was time for the pup to get the plaster off. The pup was reunited with her mother with all her four paws working fine.  

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