Published On: Apr 24, 2019

Malayalam actor Sajitha Madathil, who is known for her bold statements, recently opened up about a very unpleasant experience, something that's often talked about in hush-hush manner in film industries. The actress claimed that she received a call from a man supposedly named Karthik, an assistant director, asking her if she would be interested in doing a Tamil movie. But unfortunately, this question was soon followed by a suggestion 'to compromise and make adjustments' if she wanted to bag the role. Sajitha, was flustered, but decided to expose the man publically. She posted her experience on her Facebook page, along with Karthik's number and a message which says, 'Anybody who is ready for this, please call him'. The man in question tried to apologise to her once her post went viral, but the actress refused to accept his apology.  

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