Published On: Oct 10, 2019

Exotic pythons and reptiles smuggled were seized by customs officials at the Chennai international airport. The passengers have been identified as Mohammad Parvaez and Mohammad Akbar and both of them hail from Tamil Nadu. They arrived in Chennai from Kuala Lumpur in a Batik Airways flight. The species have been identified by forest officers as: a green tree python (Morelia viridis), a scrub python (morelia amethystina) (Both are native of Australia and not covered under CITES), two black tree monitor lizards ( Varanus beccarii), five emerald tree monitor lizards (Varanus prasimus), two blue spotted tree monitor lizards (Varanus macraei), a Reisinger tree monitor (Varanus reisingeri), four sailfin lizards ( Hydrosaurus specie). The lizards, which are natives of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, fall under CITES (Appendix II ).  

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