Published On: Mar 25, 2019

Meet 71-year-old Nirmal Pareek from Jaipur, who got into the 2019 Limca book of records for owning the highest number of typewriters. Pareek got a place in the record book after his relatives filled the enrolment form on his behalf. This was done in an attempt to help Pareek during the mourning of his wife’s death in July 2018. Although Pareek owns 165 typewriters, he has been registered for owning 141 typewriters. Each typewriter weighs anywhere from 2 kgs to 20 kgs. Speaking about his collection Pareek said, ’When I was young and was pursuing B.Sc., my elders used to urge me to learn to typewrite in order to get a government job. Since then, I was fascinated with them. My typewriter collection is from various eras, including one which is 100 years old. They type in various languages including Gurmukhi, Arabic, English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and others.’  

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