Each and every life has its own share of problems. The challenge lies in overcoming the problems to lead a successful life.

Numerology provides a clue to the kind of problems one may face in his life. These obstacles are referred to as challenges in numerology. These challenges are presented in one's Life Path through numbers.

Numerology Challenge Number Calculator

The types of Challenge numbers

There are in total three challenge numbers that are associated to each individual’s Life Path, two of which are referred to as sub-challenges while one is the main challenge.

Each challenge is represented by a single digit. The degree of difficulty of the problem depends on the kind of challenge it is. To calculate the challenge numbers the date of birth is put to use. The challenge numbers are within 0 through 8.

The first sub-challenge number is also known as Early Challenge number as it will affect the first phase of one’s life, in all probability till the age of 28 years.

The second sub-challenge number also known as Middle Challenge number will pose problems until another 28 years or so, or middle phase of your life.

The third challenge number is referred to as the Final Challenge number that will affect the latter half of one’s life. It is also referred to as a challenge or difficulty that may remain during the entire course of one’s life.

The First sub-challenge number is less powerful. It mostly represents those problems which will be situational in its nature. It will arise due to circumstances or due to parents. It occurs in one’s childhood.

The Second sub-challenge number will represent problems that will be slightly graver in nature compared to the first. Also these problems will be beyond one’s control.

The Final Challenge number is serious and influential. It poses all the problems that one will require to deal with throughout the life. This number also represents one’s life’s core problems.

If one ends up with the same number twice then it could mean that those problems will have double the effect in his or her life.

If all the three challenge numbers are the same then that means that the same kind of problems will crop up throughout one’s life.

Challenge number 0

People who have life challenge number 0 are normally confronted with difficulties persistently. They also seem to get bombarded with difficulties from all directions. People with this number are normally mature, sorted and have their own preferences. They are also regarded to control and possess the good qualities of all the other numbers starting from 1 to 9 of numerology.

Challenge number 0 is normally found in a person who is out of the ordinary. Their greatest challenge lies in sticking to a decision. They are able to compare and analyze different situations and come up with a solution but are not able to turn it into action. Thus they need to develop more faith in their ability of analyzing and should make a definitive decision and learn to stick to their choice. In early life this challenge number develops a person into an unmannerly child. In later life this person will be able to cross all obstacles and succeed.

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Challenge number 1

This challenge number makes one feel suppressed and dominated in the presence of others who are influential. Those people are normally parents or others with who this person competes and feels a threat of being overshadowed. The challenge number 1 imposes on others to be able to side-step when being dominated, but that without self- imposing or being very aggressive on others.

Those with challenge number 1 should be able to control their destructive nature. Arrogance, pretentiousness, self-centeredness and vanity need to be shed by those who are under the influence of this number. Self-justifying, and resentment can be a problem with these people. They should be gentler in their behavior with others. Also follow a methodical and logical plan to achieve success.

They should be able to keep their cool and rely on themselves to find solutions to their problems. They should bank on intelligence and own abilities and learn to be able to avoid being confrontational and quarrelsome.

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Challenge number 2

People with their challenge number 2 are considered to be extremely emotional. They are not able to work with other people in a team because they fear being criticized, or maybe even worse, being disregarded or snubbed.

They are also low on confidence and delve on self-doubt and uncertainty. They depend on the opinions that others hold for them and determine themselves according to that.

They tend to turn sensitive and slide downhill. They need to be more positive in life and develop faith in themselves. They should also be able to turn their sensitive nature in their stride. Their keen sense of awareness of that which others are hardly able to perceive can be their strength.

These people find it difficult to be assertive and make decisions on their own. Due to their being low on confidence, they are unable to accept positions of power and take charge. They should be able to take control of themselves and lead others.

These people are wise as they pay attention to minute details and are observant. But they should also learn to let go and not take everything to heart. During these obstacles friendship will provide solace and comfort. These people are able to compromise and should plan for a gradual but steady growth in life rather than immediate success. Do not shy away from seeing the reality.

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Challenge number 3

People with challenge number 3 find it difficult to focus due to some psychological problem or simply sheer boredom. They are unable to excel at a specific talent and try their hands at various different abilities. These people are also shy and thus despite having the talent, creativity and gift of gab they are unable to express it. They are also unfriendly. They do realize their need to socialize in public but are unable to do so and thus tend to become very defensive about it.

When this number is their first sub-challenge number, such people are introverts and loners in their childhood. With time they grow to be bizarre and thus are not taken into consideration by others.

They also fear criticism. They could be good at acting or singing or at any other talent but will fear getting involved in any of these activities out of fear of being judged. Also these people express themselves negatively in front of others and shy away from letting the world know about their abilities. People with challenge number 3 should be able to be more social and should hone their creative side.

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Challenge number 4

People with their challenge number 4 have work related problems. These people are unable to find the right work for themselves. They either do not find a job that is gratifying, or are inefficient at their work. These people are also irresponsible and careless. Their understanding of the world is far from actuality. Their competence and commitment towards their work needs to be improved in order to succeed in life.

They should learn to be more patient and understanding. They should be more rational and develop a practical outlook towards life that is closer to reality. Learning to complete a task within a given time frame is also important.

Those who have challenge number 4 as their first sub-challenge number will face obstacles in which their opportunities in their childhood will be thwarted due to financial constrictions. If this number is the middle sub-challenge number then such people are not easily trusted by others because of their irresponsible and impractical nature.

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Challenge number 5

This challenge number denotes indecisiveness and an ill-tempered nature. Such people are mostly unreasonable and temperamental. They are very impulsive by nature and thus get into trouble as they do not think about the repercussions before stating anything. They also need to control their irritable nature to be able to make strong bonds with others.

In childhood this challenge number will pose problems in fulfilling education and will also thwart many career changes for the better.

In the adulthood this challenge number establishes itself into an inability to make concrete decisions due to being very emotional. Such people also tend to be unstable due to their impulsive nature. Also these people are freedom lovers and cannot easily be bound. They need to learn to compromise with it.

Change is pertinent for such people but they need to manage it in a controlled manner. However, they should also learn to thwart any feelings of irresponsibility. Their challenge is also to control their impulsive nature.

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Challenge number 6

The challenge posed on people with this challenge number is to stop setting high standards for themselves and others. A person with challenge number 6 could be a perfectionist, but expecting the same from others may give rise to their problem.

It is difficult for people around these them to match up to their expectations. Such individuals are therefore demanding, insistent, authoritative and inconsiderate towards others.

These people also create friction in relationships and are not able to balance out situations. They should learn to live with love and peace. They should not try to control people as others will follow them only when they will feel that their opinions too have been considered and respected.

Tolerance towards other individuals needs to be grown. Accept others the way they are and let them set their own standards and rules. Dominating others and trying to set them in their track is a common disposition of people with this challenge number. Their challenge is to be able to love others unconditionally and embrace them for their talents and lacks. Do not be rigid.

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Challenge number 7

This challenge number poses a problem dealing with intense emotions. People having this challenge number feel the need of suppressing their emotions in the presence of others. If this number is the first sub-challenge number then it makes children to be introverts. They also tend to be obsessed and are completely detached from reality.

When this number is the middle or the final challenge number, then such a person thrives on negative thoughts. They vent their feelings by continuously complaining and criticizing others. Many can suffer from some ailment due to their stifled grief. They are also unable to better their situation and thus keep complaining. They do not express their real feelings and hide it by a sense of false vanity. They thus are perceived in a negative way by others.

They should have more faith on themselves and thus should try and build stronger relationships with others. Do not dwell on your limitations. Marriage thus should be delayed until this challenge is overcome otherwise it is bound to cause trouble in married life.

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Challenge number 8

People who have their challenge number as 8 assume that only material accumulation can provide them with satisfaction. They thus exert themselves to gain material wealth, power, authority over others and status. They turn a blind eye to everything else. Thus this number indicates greed and acquisitiveness.

The number indicates that there is a negative connotation with such people’s concern with material wealth. They perceive others by their possessions and status. They should learn to use their ability to gain status, power and money but not at the cost of neglecting other important matters of life.

If this number is the early challenge number then as a child such a person must have been shrewd, manipulative and selfish. When this number is the middle or main challenge number then such a person will value material pursuits more than relationships. They should deal with the material world comfortably and not be aggressive about it. Focus on the other aspects of life such as relationships with friends and family. Learn to relax and enjoy in life.

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