Matar Pulao ( Peas Pulao)
Lunch | Rice | Dinner | Indian
Recipe Servings : 2
Preparation Time : 1 hour
Cuisine : All

A great healthy recipe that is a good choice of vegetarians. You can use fresh or frozen or even dried peas in the recipe. Also, add dry nuts like almonds, and cashew nuts for added flavor.


How to Make Matar Pulao ( Peas Pulao)

  1. Firstly, in a cooker heat ghee and add cumin seeds.
  2. Further add cloves, bay leaf, star anise, cinnamon stick, black pepper and cardamom. saute till they turn aromatic.
  3. Furthermore, saute onions till they turn translucent.
  4. Also saute green chili and ginger-garlic paste.
  5. Additionally add green peas and saute well. either add fresh or frozen peas.
  6. Further add basmati rice soaked for atleast 30 minutes and saute gently.
  7. Now add 1.5 cups of water. always add 1.5 cups of water to 1 cup of basmati rice.
  8. Additionally add salt to taste and mix well.
  9. Pressure cook for 2 whistles on medium flame.
  10. Once the pressure releases from the cooker, gently fluff.
  11. Finally, serve peas pulao or mattar pulao with raita or with paneer curries.


This is a very simple recipe for a quick lunch or dinner. But to make extra delicious, try adding a few paneer cubes or soya chunks to the recipe and enjoy that added bite.

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