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With world finding itself intertwined in the intricate mesh of web, cyber world has become a virtual reality, dominating each and every pulse of human life. It is interesting that the rule of internet has also taken over the subtle nuances of social interactions. So much so that, the ideas unheard of only a decade back are not only causing a stir, but catching the current generation pretty fast and furious. Before you know where you are and what they are- variedly ranging ideas from social networking, online dating to that of matchmaking online and cyber love are taking you by storm. Despite, fitting the bill momentarily, they may not be just the ticket.

To be on the safer side, it is important to know what they are and where you are.

Bare basics of cyber love

Just as it is possible to lay hands on online clients for commercial interaction, it is possible to come by friends and dates for various societal needs. Online love is one of the fallouts of diversely varying cyber relationships. It all starts with online dating and several means of social networking. In course of your interesting deals of messaging, chatting and dating; you may suddenly discover your special someone. Instead of friends or close acquaintance playing the Cupid, the cyberspace will take on the virtual role.

Love be it cyber or otherwise can have you swooning, leading you into the world of make belief. But just as all that glitters may not be gold, similarly there is difference between realistic and illusory sides of love. It cannot be said for certain, but cyber love may turn out to be one of those mesmerizing illusions belying reality.

You may be a computer nerd, or a novice it will hardly take you minutes to go through the bare basics of communication protocols. You may also have yourself equipped with the right online dating tips and phases of dating that will help you get the feel of cyber love. But even with the best digital and dating knowledge under your belt, there may be an odd devil lurking in the corner.

Pitfalls of cyber love

The interesting yet messy domain of internet, may be fun exploring. Moreover the prospect of speed and that of adventure may make you one of its passionate addicts. You may well find yourself in the ensnaring trap of one of those cyber savvy guys/girls. In fact, one of your recent cyber savvy guys may be faking love with many a sweeties in order to satisfy his addictive needs.With net providing the scope, he can take on as many identities as he chooses to and go about with his cyber revelry.

But then love needs to be distinguished from revelry. Little or no scope for reality check is one of the glaring pitfalls of cyber love.Difference between fact and fiction; mirage and certainty are perhaps the bare basis of cyber love, differentiating it from its factual counterpart. So, if you bank too much on the digital protocols of online relationship- love making you may well be in for blows and heartburns.If you are looking for stability and permanence of the long lasting type, cyber option for love making can never fit your bill.

Being facilitated by the digital interface, it may be speedy, but with speed being the buzzword there are questions to think about its effectuality.So long, you dwell the virtual realm of net, it’s pretty fine, but if you are the one to think of commitments beyond it, online relationships may turn out to be deceiving. Having to appeal more on the level of fantasy, it can also be that your dream image of the cyber lover may not fit into his/hers real life picture. If reel and real can be different, similar is true of face to face interaction and that centering on net. Even assuming that you have no issues about serious commitment, and just the one prone to fun and frolic, the so called digital lover may well have you crashing between devil and the deep sea.

How &when to recognize pitfalls in cyber love

There are reasons to be on guard when the lover boy/girl takes on a shady turn towards blackmailing, in the garb of an emotional bloke.If he is unduly keen on meeting you and blackmails you on that count as well. On the pretext of having to meet, he may well be out to con you of your money, modesty and many things more. Prying too much into your privacy including putting feelers for the knowledge of bank details, account, ATM details credit cards and things such as these should also have panic alarms flashing. Calling you and disturbing you at odd hours other than those meant for online chatting, is another occasion to panic.

Internet love-choices before you when you are sure you are in trouble

With things getting out of hand, the first option would be to ignore and walk out of such a relationship. The next on line would be to delink yourself from the concerned networking cite. If the guy/girl is having you bullied through other channels of communications including cells and land phones, get them delinked for the time being. Deactivating e-mail information details and resorting to legal help would obviously count amongst the last options.