Love is something we all would have experienced at some point of our lives. Be a silly crush, or an infatuation, your family, you name it- it is one affection that keeps you on your toes, spices up your dreams and last but not the least- you end up having a silly, joyous smile on your face most of the time. Ever thought why people act silly when in love?

Ever guessed what helps love to bloom in our minds?

Man is a social being and he loves to care and to be cared for. A small hug, a smile, an affectionate look, and a jovial talk round the dinner table with all your loved ones all can make you feel lighter, happier.

Love is nothing abnormal, but is a part and parcel of our physical hormone system. All feelings that are connected with a feeling of belongingness, motherly affection, and even passionate feelings will fit into this basket of blissful emotion called love.

Love evoked many feelings like the need of having sincere relations with the family, with children, with parents, your life partner and also all this relatives who have made your ancestral family life so very unique in many ways.

Love is not something that stays constant. It has its phases of ups and downs, which is why love and relationships is always quite a hard concept to maintain on a lifelong basis. A few aspects that we need to keep in mind to keep the family relationships going on for a lifetime are: Regular communications, having meals together as much as possible, never keep doubts in mind and speak out freely, and last try to make out of all problems or misunderstandings that could have taken place during the day.

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