Those who pursue a successful and mutually fulfilling relationship are really fortunate unlike others who have to face many hardships in maintaining it at times.

Facing a break up in a relationship may have unfortunate effect on the individuals the extent of which may vary from person to person depending on the emotional state and strength of the individual. Some may be able to get out of quickly and move on while others find it different and fact stressful condition.

Many times a person who has to go through a unsuccessful relationship is caught by surprise by his/her partner's sudden decision to leave. The reason may be multiple but he/she may be simply unaware or/and may be too late to recognize and address it, by that time the damage was also done.

It is imperative to be cautious and responsible when you are a part of a relationship to make it work. Listings below are the common factors that usually tend to cause a damage of feelings between you and your partner.

Lack of Expression

A major reason for the end of a relationship is not maintaining it with the passion it was started with. During the initial stages of the relationships there are long talks, phone calls, sudden visits, romantic dates, love letters etc which makes a person truly loved and assured that the other person really loves him/her. With time though, the initial attraction fades off, and we do not express our love as conspicuously as before though we still have the affection for our partner in our hearts.

You must do the small things that really do not take much effort but do mean a lot about your feelings. The things that remind your loved ones that they are very much desired and are well taken care of by you.

Negative Outlook

The reason that we like a person and want to be with him/her is his/her presence is enjoyed by us and we know that they will support us in our tough times.

If you understand the previous line, it will be not difficult for you to guess what kind of impact a person will have on his partner if he always depicts negativity and criticism. Complaining and bringing professional problems in the personal relationship will simply make your partner unhappy.

Excessive Possessiveness

You are attracted and possessive towards your partner, very nice , but too much of possessiveness can again cause damage to your relationship leading to your partner feeling bound and commanded. It is important to realize that we all are social beings who need time for ourselves and time with our friends. You should provide ample space to your partner so that he /she feel he has not lost independence after getting into the relationship.

By allowing a bit of independence in a relationship, we help in maintaining a healthy balance in the relation and appreciate the time that we get to spend with our partner.

Not spending sufficient time together

This is another important point to be considered if you want to avoid the probability of a break up in your relation. Usually in our life we get so busy in our education or work life that we tend to find a little time to spend with our loved ones. This creeps up a sense of negligence within the partner and in absence of conversation the personal issues that need focus and discussion remain unattended and take a serious form later on.

All these factors, might allow your partner to look up to a different person, wreaking havoc on the relationship.


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