Love is the most beautiful feeling that god has gifted to mankind. Those people who get someone whom they love and also get the reciprocation of love are the luckiest people. Life becomes beautiful in the companionship of such a loving partner. But the path of love is not always smooth and romantic.

A romantic relationship has its share of challenges that one has to go through. Since this directly concerns with the emotions and deep personal feelings, it is important that the person manages his emotions well and doesn't lost the perspective of things in the flow of emotions. Someone loves you for support, care and strength , so you need to be emotionally stable and capable of providing support to the person for a strong relationship.

The very beginning of gaining mastery over your emotions is to admit to yourself that you have got a problem. You must ask yourself questions relating to how you would behave if your girlfriend leaves you at the present stage of life? How would you react if you find her to be cheating on you? Not being negative, but these are the actual scenarios that one may face in a relationship, and then his capability to overcome these challenges will be tested. It is better to be prepared beforehand. You should have the mentality that among the whole world and one girl, the world is important to you. You have other relationships to nurture and take care of. And you have many lovely potential partners too to look around!

In a relationship there are many situations and one such situation is that when your partner tests your reaction by throwing some tantrums, seeking to know how you will handle them. You should be prepared for such situations. Carefully try to recollect what are the things that made you feel low or discouraged in your relationship in the last one month or so.

Try to answer yourself what was the probable shortcoming in you that lead to that negative feeling creep up in you. Once you identify that, find out the ways to get your of such a negative emotions. If in the past, you have got dumped by your girlfriend(s) and you have ended up being on your knees or begging them to come back to your life, then the word of caution is , don't do it again. Make sure that as your partner has done, you also move on with some hotter person who can calm and soothe your feelings.

Believe in yourself, you yourself are the comprehensive person that you always wanted to be You are not diffident or insecure as you presume to be , and you do not need to be someone else to attract the opposite sex for a potential love relationship. You need to throw away all the fears and self consciousness that you have harbored in yourself.

You have to believe that you are perfect and do not require any development to be a alpha human being. Developing such kind of confidence will help you abundantly in dealing with your present relationship. The belief in yourself will make you glow and your partner will be more attracted to you than ever.

Focus on yourself; you are the important person among the two of you in the relationship. Do not beg her to come back to the relationship, if you have compromised with your feelings once, remember you will keep on repeating that. Instead focus on how to improve yourself with the test of a relationship.