Women are hard to impress! Yes truly women are very hard to impress and satisfy. It is really an achievement if a guy can get the company of a pretty woman, when the social taboos are put aside. Every man strives for one and few attain the goal. Pathetically, many young guys lose the female company by jut remaining ignorant of the ways of treating them on the first date and impressing her most eloquently. When you are getting ready for the first date, keep in mind the basics of attracting the lady and impressing her all the way possible.

On time every time

  • Do not let her wait for you at the first date. Be on promised time and it is appreciable if you reach first and make her feeling royal by waiting for her. Have a simple but romantic gift for her. The gift doesn't mean a costly one, but a simple red rose will do the purpose. Welcome her most cordially by holding the hands and giving the flower.
  • When you meet for the first date, your first expression should be something that appreciates her or concerning her. Do not get into mistakes like talking about the weather the day or that she made you wait for few minutes.

Create the best possible mood between you

  • It is the mood that you create at the first meeting that is going to sustain throughout your relationship. Good words, pleasant smile etc., help making the perfect mood between the two. Be slow and attentive in talking with her. Do not hastily get into a lip kiss or hug.
  • Select a meeting place after enough searches. Let the place be romantic, calm and quite. If you prefer a busy restaurant or park your conversation may be disturbed by the noises and activities of the place. Let it be just you and the lady, nobody in-between.
  • If you are particular about the romantic environment, you can even go for a candle light dinner or such romantic activities. Do not allow her attention to divert into other things than you. Invite the attention by pleasing manners and promising behavior.

Be polite, compassionate and complimenting

  • Politeness is a quality most women appreciate. Even if you are not polite by nature, try not to be impolite in your talks, behavior and manners. Some guys get into fights with the hotel stewards or suppliers to just impress the lady by being bold and rough and also to exhibit the manly qualities. This will do harm than being advantageous.
  • Being compassionate attracts a good number of women. Many women conceive the quality of compassion as the essential quality of a good man. When you act compassionately, the lady may feel like pleased to be your friend and partner.
  • Lavish compliments are influencing on women. But when you compliment for trivial elements, be cautious to not make it a mockery and she should never feel the actions as a deliberate one. Be spontaneous when you shower your compliments on her.

Be a good talker as well as a listener

  • Keep silence away from you while meeting on a first date. Know that you are passing through very precious and never again moments. Talk enough and just enough. Keep away the silent moments and find one or other topics to go on chatting.
  • Being a listener is equally important to talk. You need to encourage her to talk to you and express her feelings about you. Also, it is not advisable to ask her on the very first date about her feelings on you.

Be self confident and mature enough

  • Do not start shivering at the sight of the lady. Be prepared and be confident throughout the meeting. Do not try to impress by acting what you are not really. Take away all the fears and worries from within and try to be maximum possible natural and spontaneous.
  • Maturity is an appreciated character, especially in romance and relationships. Act in mature ways and never give chances for the woman to feel that you are immature and unsuitable.